2014 Cabell-Wayne Hazard Analysis

This report is provided to the Cabell-Wayne Local Emergency Planning Committee (C-W LEPC) with the purpose to update the previous Hazard Analysis of 2004 and inform of the regions’ vulnerability to hazards such as Floods, Forest/Brush Fires, Tornado/Wind Storms, Snow/Ice Storms, Earthquakes, Landslides, Droughts, Heat Waves, Major or Multi-Structure Fires, Explosions, Hazardous Substance Leaks or Emissions, Power Outages, Multi-Vehicle or Heavy Vehicle Accidents, Train Derailments, Commercial Boating Accidents, Airplane Crashes, Bridge/Overpass Failures, Terrorist Acts, Water Source Contamination, Building Structure Failures and Civil Disturbances, and note significant protective measures for each.

The 2014 Cabell-Wayne Hazard Analysis Report may be downloaded here: